Saturday, 27 June 2009

your stock in our shop?!

So I've been in the shop for nearly a month now and I think I've settled in quite nicely (if I do say so myself) but there's still somethings missing... YOUR STUFF.

We want to expand the shop and make it as exciting and visual and interesting as possible, and not just for Cut-Out and Mouldy Loaf, but for other illustrators, designers, makers, knitters, printers, artists, whatever! We're looking to stock clothing, accessories, jewellery, zines, books, prints, homewares. stationary, ceramics, music, any products that you would think would work within our creative and artistic environment (not just the shop, the Custard Factory is home to lots of creative things, including a radio station, tonnes of music events (including acoustic shows we'll be holding) like Supersonic, a radio station, magazines, printers, galleries, workshops, studios EVERYTHING!

If you think you would like your stuff in our shop please send us an email with some low res images of what you want to sell and abit about yourself and we'll get intouch

Also, if you could forward this on to people you might think would be interested...

Thanks for reading
Kay and Neil

Shop 8, Gibb Square
The Custard Factory
B9 4AA

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