Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ain't no hippy

At Cut-Out we don't preach about the environment and human rights, we do it without thinking. But just to let you know and give you peace of mind, here is how we try and look of after our world in our own little way:

Cut-Out tries to use as little packaging as possible, so you will not receive your items wrapped in tonnes of pointless tissue paper, we have also recently decided to post out items in reusable Degradermail postage bags which are 100% degradable, our labels are 100% recycled card and strung on biodegradable string.

We only print using waterbased inks, mostly used are Permaset Inks which are 100% solvent free, environmentally friendly and even good for the garden when we wash screens out on the grass rather than straight down the drain.

All Cut-Out's own garments are sweatshop free, whether Faritrade Contintental, American Apparel or EarthPositive, and we encourage our clients to use these brands when we print on commission.

Overall Cut-Out is not an 'Eco-label', but rest assured we constantly look out for more environmentally friendly alternatives to make our business just that little bit better for you and us, from cutting down the paper we use when doing our accounts, to reusing and recycling 'found' objects to make into pretty new products in our collections for you to love.

Monday, 20 April 2009

The "Cut-Out wants to sell your designs" T-shirt deal

I am looking for artists and designers who would like their doodlings on T-shirts and sold through Cut-Out (which will be online, in the Custard Factory shop we are moving into, AND in a large concession stand in the centre of Birmingham in the Oasis)

Quite a few people have been interested in this little offer, so here is the final deal

You pay £150 for 30 fairtrade slim fitting jersey continental T-shirts in sizes small/medium/large in either the Women's or Mens style. Cut-Out prints your design onto them and puts them in our two shops and the online shop for about 3 months.

T-shirts are sold at £20 each which we split 50/50 and at the end of the selling you will recieve a cheque for what has sold (which could be up to £300, making you £150 on top of your original investment) and any T-shirts that haven't sold so you can sell them to your friends, online, use them as promotion etc.

The online shop has been getting more and more features on blogs and websites in the UK and worldwide, traffic is constantly on the up and the feedback I have been getting has all been positive. Now the Custard Factory shop and the Oasis concession is going ahead, there promises to be alot of Press attention and alot of exposure we just couldn't buy, so this opportunity is a really good one and I want to help as many awesome designers and illustrators as I can.

Please get intouch if you would like to do this kay@cutoutshop.com

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

New Necklaces on sale from today

A new edition to the Cut-Out family, these necklaces are handmade from vintage playing cards with a ship illustration on the back so lovely that you could wear the necklace either way round and look just as awesome! 7 cards dangle from a 50cm(ish) thick gold-coloured chain.

Get to the shop right away and snap one up before they all go!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Submissions wanted!

I have recently had some awesome news and will be shop-sharing with the mighty Mouldy Loaf at the Custard Factory in Birmingham hopefully by the start of the Summer. I am really excited about this opportunity but at the moment I don't have enough stock to fill a box let alone half a shop, so I have decided to release a "Cut-Out is moving to a shop collection" and I would love to see your designs for paper prints, T-shirts, tote bags and badge sets (and any other ideas you might have). If your design is used in the collection you will get full credit for the design and people looking for designers (I get asked by bands all the time if I know any shit-hot designers) will be passed on to you right away!