Monday, 1 June 2009

Competition ideas wanted!

So I'm moving into a shop very soon (this week fingerscrossed) to share some space at the Custard Factory in Birmingham with the awesome Mouldy Loaf. I've got lots of new T-shirts and things to ready sell by some really, really good illustrators, so all's been very exciting at Cut-Out recently.

As a 'moving in gift' my mom has knitted this awesome pile of yummy-looking dohnuts which will be living in the shop (I'm going to take them in to surprise Neil with today). I'm thinking I'd like these to go onto a good home instead of breaking them up to sell so have come up with the idea of devising some sort of competition/raffle. They will, of course, come with the glass cake stand! If anyone has any cool ideas of how I d choose the lucky winner of this bundle please reply/email me/contact me somehow! You never know, the person who comes up with the best competition idea might be the winner!

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