Thursday, 27 August 2009

Tatty Devine!

Our shop is now a proud stockist of fabulous Tatty Devine jewellery. I am so excited about this! I did a work placement at Tatty over two years ago and absolutely love the label and everyone who works there, it was just so much fun. Wherever I go wearing this stuff I get asked where it is from... well now you can get it direct from me!
Most of the pieces are from the 'Best Of' collection, so it really is all my favourite, and everyone else's favourite pieces. We've got a mix of necklaces, brooches and even cufflinks, with prices from £12-£80.
Each piece has been made at Tatty's London studio, and comes in a presentation box with Tatty tissue paper, a lolly pop and button badge. Awesome!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

More Meat Pies...

To continue from yesterday's post about the awesome T-shirts Alex Curtis designed for Meat Pie Promotions' venue at Southsea Fest, today I've printed up 30 Limited Edition 3 colour prints (I know I said they'd be 4 colour, but they still look real awesome. They will be on sale on the day at the One Eyed Dog, 19th September. I'll be armed with elastic bands so people can take them home safely.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Meat Pie's and the Seaside

Myself and the lovely Alex Curtis of Thr33 Designs have hooked up to produce a limited edition run of 25 T-shirts for Meat Pie Promotions' venue at Southsea Fest in September. There is also going to be a run of 4-colour screen printed posters at the event which I am coating the screens for today. Everything is going to be on sale at mine and Alex's stall at the venue on the day, along with some other bits and pieces. Yay!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

It's hard to ignore the rise in my website hits

...and what site they have been referred from. Samantha Beeston's plagiarised degree work has really shocked me, I guess the link to Cut-Out from the remains of her website will bring alot of people here looking for stuff (it's hard to ignore the few thousand hits on her youtube video and the hundreds of blog posts listing countless links to go and check out).

I graduated the year before Samantha on the same course at Falmouth and shared the same tutor, I do know her and would have considered us friends. I did not know anything about her work or anything about what has now come to light and I am certain the tutors did not either. Although now I feel torn between 'fanning the flames' so to speak, and perhaps going against the wishes of some of our many mutual friends, I also have my little business to think about, the reputation of where I did my degree and also my personal and professional moral beliefs.

I do know that the course tutors and the University are now fully aware of the situation and are looking into what action needs to be taken. Plagiarism is not acceptable and something I would never do, or ever knowingly involve in Cut-Out. In this age of the internet and the reaction to the recent blog posts exposing her I do hope that she will be used as an example to future students. I also wish the best of luck to Lauren Nassef and anyone else that has been frauded, including my friend Aurelia Lange.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

In the papers

So, Cut-Out is in the press! Thanks to KiosKiosk. I especially love that it was featured in the 'business' section. We know I mean business.