Saturday, 21 May 2011

New beginnings

So things have been quiet for a while now at Cut-Out. And it's not because I've given up on printing T-shirts or making things, the complete opposite really! Since November 2009 my business partner Sam and I have been building up our screenprinting business GET A GRIP and now things are moving up a gear...

Things have been going well and we're about to move into our first retail premises in the Custard Factory together, just around the corner from where our workshop was, and right by the shop I used to share with Mouldy Loaf what seems like years ago!

We're having a party Saturday 28th May, so if there's any Cut-Out fans out there, it would be lovely to see you there!

To coincide with moving into a retail space, we've commissioned six illustrators to design T-shirts, and a few more have designed paper-based products for us. The label is similar to Cut-Out in it's roots, though now we have the equipment and budget to go all out, bringing you the best clothing and products we can print, designed by the most talented people we could find.

Unfortunately, because we're effectively launching this new brand, it's time to say goodbye to Cut-Out and put it to bed. I've had lots of fun running it, and as my first venture into self-employment, it was scary and a huge learning curve that has taught me things I'll always remember! The people I have met, worked with and who have helped me out have been absolutely awesome, and I'm so grateful of all the things I have done because of this teeny little project I started straight out of uni to keep me off the dole.

In the meantime, you can get bargain-priced Cut-Out T-shirts for just £5 each including UK delivery, at the Cut-Out Shop, and the newer, Cut-Out label T-shirts and tote bags will be for sale in the GET A GRIP shop, as well as in We Are Birmingham while stocks last! You can also check out the latest GET A GRIP brand T-shirts and things RIGHT HERE

I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Cut-Out over the last few years- everyone who designed something, saw me at fayres or popped into the shop for a cuppa, not to mention those who spent their pennies too!

Please keep in touch!


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