Monday, 20 April 2009

The "Cut-Out wants to sell your designs" T-shirt deal

I am looking for artists and designers who would like their doodlings on T-shirts and sold through Cut-Out (which will be online, in the Custard Factory shop we are moving into, AND in a large concession stand in the centre of Birmingham in the Oasis)

Quite a few people have been interested in this little offer, so here is the final deal

You pay £150 for 30 fairtrade slim fitting jersey continental T-shirts in sizes small/medium/large in either the Women's or Mens style. Cut-Out prints your design onto them and puts them in our two shops and the online shop for about 3 months.

T-shirts are sold at £20 each which we split 50/50 and at the end of the selling you will recieve a cheque for what has sold (which could be up to £300, making you £150 on top of your original investment) and any T-shirts that haven't sold so you can sell them to your friends, online, use them as promotion etc.

The online shop has been getting more and more features on blogs and websites in the UK and worldwide, traffic is constantly on the up and the feedback I have been getting has all been positive. Now the Custard Factory shop and the Oasis concession is going ahead, there promises to be alot of Press attention and alot of exposure we just couldn't buy, so this opportunity is a really good one and I want to help as many awesome designers and illustrators as I can.

Please get intouch if you would like to do this

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